Monk Line Art

I really liked the monk sketch I did yesterday and thought it deserved to be brought to life as a finished product.  I’ve always held  fascination for art that mixes genres, eras, etc., because I love how two seemingly incompatible things can work together harmoniously.  In this artwork, I’m mixing what is essentially a Japanese Buddhist monk (taking many artistic liberties) with Stupas from Borobudur, imagining that this monk is fulfilling his obligatory pilgrimage through (insert mythological country here).  I’ve also added technological components to the artwork, such as a radio/mp3 player integrated into the monk’s hat (where he presumably listens to mantras or waves crashing on the seashore) as well as a GPS unit built into the stupa so that the monks can record their journey and check their emails.

Just about finished the line art and I’ll hopefully be adding more detail and coloring it in over the week.


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