Monk Inks

Now I usually go straight to coloring after finishing the line art, but I decided to try something different today and play with inking in this particular piece.  It’s a little liberating because I’ve always been afraid of using dark shadows or colors in my work, for fear that I might overdo things, but I usually end up with colors or shadows that are too close together and lack a sense of  “hardness” to them.  I like how this has turned out, and it was fun using the shadows to create texture as well, though I think I still need to work on that some.

If you look at the previous entry you might notice on the lower left corner there are squiggles that have magically disappeared.  I was thinking of drawing a buddhist lion statue there but ultimately decided it would be too distracting from the composition (aka I got lazy).


2 Comments to “Monk Inks”

  1. Sharp eyes! I’ll definitely adjust that.

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