Armored Acoustic Carriage Lineart

About 3 months ago I posted this image from my sketchbook of  a Steampunk APC mounted with some sort of acoustic weapon.  I originally intended to turn it into a finished product, but the deluge of work pushed it to the back of my mind.  I was reminded of it by this month’s gameartisans contest, which is to draw a monster tank.  I tried drawing a tank but ultimately was bored with my idea, so I decided to revisit this sketch instead.  I’ve added a bunch of stuff like the grill in the front and also sorted out the placement of the gas headlights.  One major change was the removal of the “flares” (not quite sure what to call them) on the outside of the phonograph-like horn that you can see in the original sketch.  I found it too to render them given this particular angle, so i kind of copped out and gave the horn a circular rim instead.


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