Armored Acoustic Carriage Flats and Softening Outlines

I’ve decided on the colors for the AAC, choosing a very dark, desaturated blue to go with a gold trim.  I was working with lighter gray earlier on and it just wasn’t working out for out for me, and I’m much happier with this.  I also added an additional decoration to the front of the AAC, cause I liked how the headlights and Grill made it look like the carriage had a face.  The additional element is meant to be his nose, and I couldn’t resist adding a little twirl at the ends to make it look like “he” has a moustache.  There are also a few scuff marks in the front to signify that this particular vehicle has already seen combat or perhaps was the victim of an inebriated carriage driver.

I’ve used a technique here that I’m not entirely sure what the name is, but it involves coloring the lineart in a darker (or lighter, depending on the light source) shade of the color that it’s bordering.  The effect is a softening of the lineart, rather than the harsher black line art that I commonly use (I’ve posted the original line art with colors above for comparison).  Some pixel art does this as well.  My theory is that it makes the artwork look just a little more natural, and also in the case of artists who are comfortable working with lineart like myself, it can help create the illusion that the artwork is more “painted” than hand drawn.  This is all speculation on my end though, for now I’m just using it to experiment.

Finished artwork coming soon!


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