Armoured Acoustic Carriage

From the desk of the communications liaison, Medjaz Free Army:

This armoured acoustic carriage of the 1st division Medjaz Free Corps represents the culmination of years of research by our greatest scholars into a non-violent means of subduing an enemy force, local malcountents, &tc.  When fired, targets from a distance of as far as 300 foot will experiens symptomes of dizzyness, nausea, retching, &tc. and at 500 foot a slyt dizzyness, unsureness of step, and an intolerable buzzing in the ear.  Thus inconvenienced, our infantrymen may easily overpower said enemy force, bringing to an end all hostilities.

I suppose at this point I should talk about where this bizarre idea of an acoustic weapon came from.  I was certainly not the first to think of  one (see notes at bottom), and indeed to this day development is being made into such weapons.  The inspiration for this particular weapon came from a different source entirely, however.

For the past year or so I have been extremely fascinated with the period that many historians call the “enlightenment”.  In the period beginning in the late 18th century up until the beginning of the 20th century, a great flowering of knowledge spread from Europe and encompassed the world.  The entire world was afire with the idea of gaining knowledge about our past, present and future.  It was an exciting and often bloody time, since such a rapid increase in knowledge always comes at a price, and during this period of time revolutions were in vogue.  With the establishment of man as the center of the universe and the stripping away of the blinders that religion had put on him, monarchs were suddenly bereft of the divine right that they had often bluntly wielded in centuries past.

It’s not a world I would have liked to live in to be perfectly honest;  I like modern convenience like cars and airconditioning and high speed internet.  But there is a romance and sense of adventure in that era that I find intoxicating. This world has been building itself ever so slowly in my head and now I’m slowly trying to release bits and pieces of it on this blog so I don’t have to think about them anymore.  Because really, my brain is cluttered up enough as it is without gentlemen dinosaurs in suits crisscrossing the world in airships to attend scientific conferences discussing the latest archaeological find.

For sonic weapons see:

  1. Long Rang Acoustic Device
  2. Sonic Weapon

For some books set in and inspired by the enlightenment:

  1. Perdido Street Station
  2. The Orientalist
  3. The Knife Man
  4. A Sense of the World

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