Egg Scramble is Free!

Egg Scramble is another iPhone game I’ve worked on that’s now up on the App store, free for a limited time only!  It’s a Risk/Galcon-like game in a world of militant eggs, so what’s not to like?  To learn more about Simon Hurst, creator of Egg Scramble and about the game itself, just click here.

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3 Comments to “Egg Scramble is Free!”

  1. It crashes on my iPad. :`(

  2. You have an iPad? The developer said he’d release a version 2 that fixes a lot of the bugs, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

  3. Cyber owns it. I’ve been using it a lot. I need money to buy my own because I’m sure its going to one of the first things I’ll miss once I move. :p

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