Sketchbook archives

There comes a time in every artist blogger’s life wherein he has absolutely nothing new to show you, and he digs into his sketchbook for the sake of updating his or her blog.  This is one such time.  The sketch above was for an unfinished contest entry for a gameartistans mini-competition called “Dreams and Nightmares.  I had just recently finished reading The Knife Man and The Egg and Sperm Race, so I was very interested in anatomical drawings of the 17th and 18th centuries.  My idea was to have an anatomist’s dream about one of his preparations mutating and mutilating him in the same way as he’d done to his subjects.  As is commonly the case, work intervened, and I never really got started on it.

This second bunch of sketches is for a piece I’m still working on and hope to finish sometime this year when I finally have some free time.  I wanted to draw a Bear bartender, and tried sketching different kinds of asian bears, from the Sun bear, Panda, and lesser panda.  I think I’ll eventually go with the Panda just because the piece has a Chinese theme.

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