Sketching Serendipity

I’ve had a sketchbook with me in my bag for a while now, a notebook of blank pages that I picked up from the Islamic Museum of Art in KL.  I’d used this notebook to set down notes for presentations and projects, and would occasionally scribble sketches in it when I was bored.  I’d been meaning to have a dedicated sketch journal for a while, so when the notebook finally ran out of pages I decided to take a trip to Fully Booked to purchase a new pocket sketchpad.  I glanced at the Moleskines only very briefly, as i think they’re ridiculously overpriced and finally settled on the two sketchbooks you see above.  The first one is a grandluxe monologue sketchbook (size A4) and the second one is a Kokuyo sketchpad that’s of a more traditional landscape orientation.  I like how even the Kokuyo is just small enough to fit into my bag, but I’m saving that for slightly larger landscape pieces when I’m ready to do them.  I was quite pleased with these purchases since both of them cost less than 500 pesos, which is roughly 2/3 of the cost of a Moleskine.

Upon arriving home I did a bit of research on sketching in the city, and found this wonderful website called urban sketchers that collects sketches made by like-minded people around the world.  I’m excited to join them, and have actually already started on the monologue sketchbook which is now full of sketches of power lines, Japanese food, and lots of foliage.  I probably won’t be updated all of my sketches here, since I don’t have a scanner and I’d be too lazy to upload them all anyway, but I’ll definitely be posting the ones I like best in the next few days.  Urban Sketching got me really excited, and I wanted to get in touch with them and form a group in Philippines that could go on sketch meetups around the city.

Turns out someone already beat me to it; while browsing through the Metro Comic Con I found a booth of people who organize sketchwalks.  This was a pleasing turn of events, since it saves me the hassle of having to organize things ala IGDA.  I can just show up on their September 18 meetup and draw!


One Comment to “Sketching Serendipity”

  1. oooooooh!!!! I want to join also! 🙂

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