Mouseketeer Mistakes

Finally, a new art related post!  I think a two day marriage seminar in which I wasn’t allowed to work really lit a fire under my ass yesterday, and got me working on all sorts of things.  I resurrected a piece i’d started about a month ago which I’d hoped to give as a gift to my fiancée.  With luck, I’ll have it finished and framed by Friday, our third anniversary.  I did want to go over some of the mistakes I make while making it.

The image above shows the original state of the artwork when I got back to it.  After a month or so its much easier to spot things that weren’t working very well.  One of the bigger mistakes I made was to make the gun look two dimensional.  I did this knowingly, because trying to draw the gun in perspective was a bit of a hassle that I didn’t want to have to deal with at the time.  Why is this a mistake?  If your goal as an artist is to create on a 2d plane a 3d representation of an object, then it should follow that you use every means at your disposal to heighten the illusion of three dimensions (with the caveat that there are styles that specifically want to look 2d).

Having fixed that issue, I noticed another problem, this mouse’s paws were too big!  Obviously we’re working in the realm of fantasy where mice have thumbs and carry muskets, but in the original drawing I gave no thought to the size of the mouse’s paws, making them  roughly human-size (with regards to proportion).  That’s fine and all, but even as a fantastical piece, I wanted to bring it as close to reality as a mouseketeer could feasibly get, so I made his paws much smaller to more simulate the actual size of a mouse’s paw.  This necessitated having to redraw the mouse’s sword and lower body as well.

Fingers crossed that I’ll have time to work on the final image and post it here soon!


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