Power Lines

Finally, my first proper sketchbook upload!  This is the first actual page that I drew on in my monologue sketchbook, but I’m not entirely sure that the succeeding sketches will be posted in chronological order.  While that makes the most sense and saves me time from having to think too much about categorizing my drawings, there are images that I will consistently return to, such as these two sketches of power lines.  I suppose it would make sense that when there’s a theme I should post it as such, and when it’s a random sketch I’ll just put the date.

Both of these sketches are of power lines outside of my condo.  We’re not quite ready to have our electricity lines running underground so the entire metropolis (with the exception of certain wealthier residential and commercial areas) is festooned with power lines in an almost haphazard fashion.  The second sketch features foliage surrounding the electrical post.  The juxtaposition between natural and man-made elements is something that’s always fascinated me, and will probably be something that will be a recurring theme in my sketches.


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