IGDA meetup

Sketches of the speakers (Mars Balisacan and Ferdinand Fernandez) at one of our recent IGDA (International Game Developers Association)  Manila meetups.  In my tenure as Manila’s chapter head, I’ve learned a quite a few things about myself and the people around me.  One is that it’s not easy to be a leader of any sort, and it’s always easier to be the snarky dude in the corner spouting out brilliant ideas and bitching about why things aren’t being done “properly”.  The problem is executing said brilliant ideas is far harder than people think it is.  I miss being the snarky dude.

Two is that it’s hard to maintain optimism about something once it becomes “regular”.  At the start of the rebuilding process everyone at IGDA was all gung ho about it, and as time passed and IGDA meetups became regular it started to become a little less special, a little more routine.  It becomes a lot harder to get the energy together to make things happen, which is dangerous because it can backslide and lead to complacency.  I haven’t found a solution to the looming burnout yet, but taking a few weeks off of thinking about anything IGDA related usually helps, and everytime someone asks me when the next meetup is I’m reminded that it might start to feel routine to me, but others still see value in it and that’s reason enough to keep it going.


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