Quiapo Church

Took a trip to Quiapo Church a few weeks ago, and did some sketching.  A pro tip for anyone wanting to sketch the church as well, the best location to do it is Mang Inasal or Jollibee.  Mang Inasal provides you with a full front view of the church, while Jollibee is to the left of the church, giving you a good view of the clock tower.  Initial sketches were made above, and the more composed sketch is below.  I actually didn’t finish the painted sketch on the spot, since I didn’t have time (plus my hands were getting tired) but made the outlines of it on the spot and completed the rest at home.


4 Comments to “Quiapo Church”

  1. i rry like these series of sketches! may future ka! hehehe

    you can freelance as a court sketcher or something. hehehee

  2. Lol I wouldn’t mind that actually, but you know what’s super awesome?

    Battlefield sketching! Check this dude out, he’s a marine sketch artist:

  3. hey! awesome job. this kinda helped me out, working out on a indie comics of mine set in quiapo.. thanks

  4. Hey, found this while searching for old pictures of the Quiapo Church done by Juan Nakpil by the 1900’s (unfortunately the Neo-Baroque structure was replaced by ugly architecture by Zumarraga). And I have to hand it to you, your sketches are nice and detailed.

    Just one comment, the “Seal of Nazareno?” note: the sketch is not the Seal of the Nazareno (I doubt whether the Nuestro Padre has one, unless you count the NPJN acronym), it’s the Emblem of the Papacy, since it’s the Pope who consecrates and proclaims whether a church can be a minor basilica.

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