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November 26, 2010

Leona Art Restaurant

Been a while since I’ve posted my sketches.  Busy with work, a wedding (my own) and assorted other things.  I don’t think I’ll be quite as industrious as I used to be, posting 3 times a week, but I’ll try to get one sketch up every week at least, and more for special occasions like my trip to Bacolod with Aissa.

This sketch is of the interiors of Leona Art restaurant, located in TVillage, just outside the University of the Philippines.  I don’t remember much about it, having sketched this more than two months ago.  The food was ok, but not really someplace I’m itching to go back to.

November 5, 2010

Stormtroopers on a Break

This was sketched last Saturday during IGDA Manila’s October meetup.  Marker on watercolor paper in 10 minutes, plus some retouching after I got home.  The live sketching session was done in collaboration with the Philippine outpost of the 501st legion of stormtroopers as a benefit for the A-HA learning center.

November 4, 2010

Kangaroo Cowboy Detail

Kangaroo Cowboy is moving along well, so I’m showing off a bit of detail from it. Colors to follow soon!

November 3, 2010


When you got nothing to draw, draw your murse.  And if you don’t like how you drew it the first time, draw it again!  Drawn during a GDAP meeting in the BPAP office in Makati.  I wasn’t sketching during the meeting, mind you, this was while i was waiting for everyone else to arrive!

November 1, 2010


Their decapitated faces with wings really freak me out, more so than almost any other form of Catholic art.  This was sketched in a house in Greenhills, during a lunch get-together with Aissa’s family.