Figurines of Wondrous Pen & Ink

Work on an iPhone game has halted since the birth of a baby girl (not mine, my client’s), so in between freaking out over the success of Spacechem (reviews like this and the fact that there are now torrents of it floating around) I’ve been working on some illustrations for Raging Swan Press.  I’ve slowly been working my way into the Pen and Paper RPG world for a little variety and also because I’ve recently fallen in love with pen and ink illustrations and I’d like to get paid to make em if I can.

These illustrations are for figurines of wondrous power, magical artifacts in the D&D world.  To be honest I couldn’t tell you how they work, since I like D&D more in theory that in practice (much like physics and statistics!) but if you’re really interested in finding out more you can click here.  I’m not a hundred percent pleased with these illustrations, mostly because I think I didn’t do a good enough job of conveying texture like stone.  Metal’s pretty tricky too, much easier to render in paint than in ink.  Google searches for rendering texture in ink haven’t helped, but I did download some promising out of copyright books that might help out with that.


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