Penang Sketches

No time for a lengthy post (or even an update to my Bacolod sketch post) but I wanted to upload some of my favorite sketches from Penang before I totally forget about them.  Above is a sketch I did while having breakfast at the Old Penang Guesthouse.  Those houses are typical of what you’d see wanderig around George Town.

This technically wasn’t in Penang, but was sketched in the Diosdado Macapagal Airport waiting lounge.  An old European man who looked like he was about to kick the bucket with the sign “Departure Lounge” hanging above him was just too priceless for me to not draw.

This last one was sketched on our last day in Penang, the sketches above done while having some Excellent Loh Mee (similar to our own Lomi but with a thicker, browner sauce) and the sketch of a chinese lantern store below that was done at yet another roadside food stall which served wonderful kway teow, oyster omelletes, and nasi goreng.   The first and last sketches were done in a combination of fountain pen and pen brush, which I found in the Nanyang Book Company along Carnavon road.   I am now absolutely in love with pen brushes, as they let me lay out thick swaths of black and surprisingly don’t bleed onto the next page of my sketchbook.


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