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February 18, 2011

The Gardener

Woke up a little extra early last Sunday morning and caught one of the condominium’s gardeners art work on some plants.  The positioning of the bicycle gave me some difficulty here.  Obviously the bicycle had to stand out, being in the foreground, but the plants behind it were so busy ( ie a lot of detail ) that I wasn’t sure how to deal with them.  In the end I left some half hearted scribbles in there.  The perils of working directly in ink I suppose.

February 16, 2011

Star Rocket is out!

Star Rocket is now available on the App store!  Star Rocket is the most recent iPhone game I’ve worked on and also the one where I’m the happiest with the art, and now it’s out on the iPhone App Store!  You can find out more about it here, or better yet just download it here!

February 15, 2011

The Interview

Caught this little scene unfolding while waiting in Starbucks for a meeting of my own.  Didn’t have much time with this, maybe 5-10 minutes max.  You’ll notice the details on the left were hastily scribbled in, and that’s because the person I was meeting had arrived and was just getting some coffee, so I had to finish the sketch before he got back.

February 10, 2011

Spacechem Soundtrack Makes You Feel Like an Engineering Hero

Spacechem has been getting a lot of good press lately, which is awesome.  The music for spacechem is also suitably awesome, and if you’re looking for some space opera type music to listen to in the background while you program like an engineering hero, look no further!  Evan Le Ny’s a longtime contributor for Zachtronics industries, and he has the spacechem official soundtrack (album cover by yours truly) up for download for free on his Jamendo website.  If you really like the music, please feel free to drop a donation his way!

February 8, 2011


Something totally digital for a change.  This was supposed to be for a daily challenge (the theme of the challange was “totem”) on gameartisans, but I didn’t quite have the time to finish it in a day  so I’ll post it here instead.  The two men on the bottom right corner are scientists doing field work on ancient cultures, something that I’ve been fascinated by ever since I started reading about the scientific revolution that happened in the 18th century and beyond.  It was a time of wonder, when technological advances enabled man to travel to distant shores and learn about cultures both old and new.

February 6, 2011

Penang Sketches pt2

Some more sketches from Penang here. The sketches above were once again done while having breakfast (coffee, toast and jam) outside our Guesthouse.  I was taking note of some of the interesting architectural features of the typical rows of houses in Penang.   After breakfast we walked from our guesthouse over to the bay area.

Above is the former Penang City Hall, which I think is still being used for some government functions.  This was right next to Fort Cornwallis and a big food court where we had lunch. Notice how most of my sketching gets done while we eat?

These sketches were done in the food court, where we had some excellent “nasi ayam” (chicken rice) and chicken noodles.  The man operating the nasi ayam stall was very kind and very pleased that we liked his food.  After lunch we crossed the street to have dessert at The Sire museum and restaurant.  It’s a little pricey especially compared to street food, but the tiramisu and coffee that we had was excellent.