Urban Sketching : Mary Grace Cafe

Been a while since I posted a sketch, so I thought I’d post this one of Cafe Mary Grace in the Fort.  Aissa took a day off a couple of Mondays ago, so after working through my workload in the morning we went off to the Fort to look for someplace to have a snack.  At first we were having some trouble finding a place to eat.  I was stuck i one of those rotten moods, where I wanted to eat something specific but I couldn’t figure out what it was and neither could Aissa.  By the time we settled on Cafe mary Grace in Serendra, it was already 5:30 and suddenly my late snack had turned into an early dinner.  I capped the day off with my customary trip to “A Different Bookstore”‘s bargain bin and picked up two biographies, one about Neil Armstrong and one about Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry aka Stepin Fetchit.


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