Character of the Week # 258 : Alchemist Gunslinger

As the month closes so does the past 3 weeks or so of intense art re-education by way of the videos.  It’s been immensely gratifying though very stressful as well.  Hell, I’m stressed out just looking at this piece.  There’s lots to like about it but there’s also lots to hate, and at some point in the future I’m planning on a full blown self critique.  That critique may never be seen on this blog, however, as I’m embarking on a new project by building a completely art-focused blog.  Geekofalltrades was never meant to be an art blog, but it morphed into one because I learned that blogs are a good way to market yourself to new clients and keep yourself “fresh”.  Unfortunately I still get people finding this blog with searches like “Neil Patrick Harris is Gay” or “Why I hate Transformers the Movie”, and it really irks me.  The new blog will also serve as a journal of  my transition from in-game artist to concept artist…or a chronicle of my descent into a life of penury.  At the very least, someone ought to be entertained.  Thanks to everyone who’s stuck by this blog all these years, and I hope you’ll check out my new blog once it’s announced!


2 Comments to “Character of the Week # 258 : Alchemist Gunslinger”

  1. This turned out great!

  2. Now this is the point where I’m actually comfortable with saying: “You’re getting better, man.”

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