This is the personal blog of Ryan Sumo, who has been, in no particular order, a pixel artist, a UI designer, a concept artist, a freelance writer, a call center agent, a food entrepreneur.

6 Comments to “About”

  1. hey nice site,i was randomly linked to this site by google in my search for finding that damn toy kingdom website (going to file a complaint). having not seen the link to the site i read your posts and i do agree with all of them (except for the wii stuff since i’m a ps fanboy). I esp agree with your post about TKs overpricing i saw the ps3 too around 2 days after its launch I think. They didn’t even display the damn thing I only stumbled upon it in my quest for finding a cheap guitar hero controller (damn those things they sell dont work for guitar hero 2). Anyway enough about my life story. Great err blog keep it up!

    PS i love soccer (though i only played a handful during every intramurals at DLSL i wish i could play more in college though,you’re from La Salle right? animo la salle))but unfortunately soccer is hardly only alive in schools (except for a few soccer tourneys here and there)
    And i hate bobby pacquiao too what a bitch one of those “traditional?” Filipinos trying to blame someone if they lose/get caught/etc

  2. nice site! 🙂

  3. I like your sketches most especially! 🙂

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