If you’d like to contact me to discuss work or are interested in my thoughts on gaming, technology, or just about anything else, you can reach me here:

  • Personal –
  • Work –
  • @ryansumo on twitter

7 Comments to “Contact”

  1. Hi im writing to you to see if i could use you jessica simpson image for a school project. I will not be making any profit out of this.
    Yours Failthfully
    Charlotte Jackson

  2. uh, go ahead. I just got that off google images anyway so i dont have any rights to it or anything. I dont hink anyone will really mind.

  3. Hi! ako po si Andrew Orocay… mula sa UP Diliman…

    may gagawin po sana akong report para sa Art Studies…

    tungkol po sa graffiti dito sa UP. ayos lang po ba gamitin ang picture n’yo? I’ll mention na lang po your name…

    okay lang po?

  4. Hi Andrew, I’m glad you found them useful. Go ahead and use the pictures. 🙂

  5. hello, ryan! i find your website really interesting! and you do have multiple talents. 🙂

  6. Hi! I’d like to use a sketch of The Great Wall for my blog banner. Is this okay?

  7. I am interested in purchasing some of your art prints for our hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
    Please reply to :

    Raymond poh

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