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August 30, 2011

Character of the Week # 258 : Alchemist Gunslinger

As the month closes so does the past 3 weeks or so of intense art re-education by way of the videos.  It’s been immensely gratifying though very stressful as well.  Hell, I’m stressed out just looking at this piece.  There’s lots to like about it but there’s also lots to hate, and at some point in the future I’m planning on a full blown self critique.  That critique may never be seen on this blog, however, as I’m embarking on a new project by building a completely art-focused blog.  Geekofalltrades was never meant to be an art blog, but it morphed into one because I learned that blogs are a good way to market yourself to new clients and keep yourself “fresh”.  Unfortunately I still get people finding this blog with searches like “Neil Patrick Harris is Gay” or “Why I hate Transformers the Movie”, and it really irks me.  The new blog will also serve as a journal of  my transition from in-game artist to concept artist…or a chronicle of my descent into a life of penury.  At the very least, someone ought to be entertained.  Thanks to everyone who’s stuck by this blog all these years, and I hope you’ll check out my new blog once it’s announced!

August 27, 2011

Alchemist Gunslinger WIP

A bonus post for this weekend, in which I’ll likely be at a wedding while you’re reading this.    I don’t know if I’ll make a habit of posting on weekends (or if people even care) but I thought this particular illustration was time consuming enough that it deserved more than a few posts.  I’m trying to get the values in properly and polish the piece before going over it with an overlay and coloring it.  I’m quite unhappy with the lighting at this point  and still thinking about how I can fix it, hopefully in time to meet the challenge deadline.

August 25, 2011

The Alchemist six shooter – An Alchemist Gunslinger WIP

This here’s the gun I designed for my Alchemist Gunslinger (Who you can see in a tiny resized version in the bottom right corner.  I’m focusing on only one challenge this week since I was pretty stressed out last week working on two challenges simultaneously.   And since I’m going to two consecutive weddings this weekend I won’t have any time to work on it then.  The gun’s not particularly imaginative compared to the other stuff in the challenge thread, and I’m fighting the urge to go back and redo it for lack of time.  It’s kind of simplistic really, a series of buttons can be pressed to release a chemical that “alchemically” adds properties to a bullet (stun,stopping power, speed/distance).  Hopefully the final illustration can make up for whatever the concept lacks in originality.

August 18, 2011

Creature of the Week #225 : Yng-sens’s Vyrner

The Oriental alchemist’s Yng-sen had little luck in his previous experiments, mostly because he insisted on using cow’s dung as the basis for his research into the fabled Philosopher’s stone. He finally met with success one day when the village children replaced the cow dung with some of their own as a practical joke, producing not only the Philosopher’s stone but a magical golden creature that would be heavily involved in his future experiments involving cow urine.

May 8, 2010

Rifleman Concept Art

Some concept art for an post apocalyptic tactical strategy game being made by one anomalous underdog.  He was asking for help on the IGDA boards so I decided to pitch in to help him out and get some more concept artwork in my portfolio.

The first concept, “Bedouin”, is very much inspired by mujahideen and other middle easter freedom fighters/terrorists.  Since these people are used to living in the desert and living off of what they can find, it made sense to use them as a starting point. It was also important to me that these designs had a “story”, and that each accessory they had on them made some sort of sense, so I added the canteen (for holding water), the compass (for finding their way in the desert, although true bedouins probably have a host of other natural ways to do this) and a metal cup (for use when canteen water runs out and he needs to extract water from his urine), as well as a knife.

The second concept is directly inspired by games like fallout 3, STALKER, and numerous post apocalyptic movies.  To heighten the idea that these were people living off of whatever they found, I intentionally used mismatched camouflage for the jacket and pants.  This wanderer also only managed to find one usable army boot, so he wears a sneaker on the other foot but ties up his leg for symmetry.  I’m actually sure what real advantages symmetry would give a post apocalyptic wanderer.  This rifleman also carries a pot and assorted survival and cooking equipment in his messenger bag.  I feel that just because you’re living in a pot apocalyptic wasteland, that shouldn’t stop you from from preparing an edible meal for you and your comrades.

February 25, 2009

Google Sketchup for Pre-Viz


Google Sketchup is one of the most awesome things to come out of Google labs.  It’s essentially a 3d modeling application that lets you build buildings, vehicles, and whatever else you have in mind.  It’s supposed to be ridiculously easy to pick up and play and considering I have forgotten almost everything I learned from my brief flirtation with Maya I can attest to this. Massive Black supposedly gives Sketchup to its artists who are similarly 3D impaired and it allows them to quickly concept things like vehicles and space ships in far less time than it would take to learn a fully fledged 3D program.

I’m using Sketchup now to do some concept work for a client who wants to see some ruined cityscapes.  We went through numerous thumbnails where I was painting directly onto the canvas and frankly I was getting really tired already.  Then I remembered Sketchup and why I downloaded it in the first place, and within minutes I had a cityscpape thumbnails that my client approved.  Thanks, Google!

October 8, 2008


It’s been an exhausting 4 days of drawings and revisions, but I finally came up with something I’m happy enough with to submit for an art test.  This came after a ton of help from folks and chris, to whom I’m very grateful to.

September 5, 2008

Sci-fi landscape v0.5

Need to take a break.  I’ll probably finish it up tomorrow.

September 4, 2008

Iceman : Stasis

In an alternate timeline, Magneto takes the young Robert Drake under his wing as a lieutenant to his brotherhood of Mutants.  During an epic battle between Magnet’s brotherhood and Xavier’s X-men, Charles Xavier confronts Iceman and shows him the error of Magneto’s ways.  Torn between Magneto’s teachings and the truth behind Xavier’s words, Drake’s mind snaps and he concludes that the only way to end conflict in the world is for it to be in eternal stasis.  His power extended by his madness, Iceman encases the world in a layer of ice, imposing a new ice age that lasts for as long as he lives.

September 4, 2008


Rock Brushes rock.