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August 4, 2011

Creature of the Week #223 : Pisces Illuminafaecis aka Illuminated Shit Fish

I tried joining the creature of the week challenge last week but failed to meet the deadline.  This time I made sure to start early and I finished a day early, or rather I pushed this image about as far as I think I could at this point in time.  I’m quite happy with it, although it has shit for composition and I may have gone a little insane with some of the new brushes I’ve been playing with in the background.  Here’s the description of the monster I posted in

The Pisces Illuminafaecis is the primary predator of the Mariana Trench ecosystem. It’s elongated wormlike body contains no vertebrae, allowing it to swirl and fold seamlessly through the immense pressures of these depths. Its other unique feature is a digestive process that adds an illuminating quality to its feces. It stores this illuminated shit in an anus sac, which then attracts new prey to continue the cycle of large creature’s never-ending need for sustenance.

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