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July 13, 2010

Monk Inks

Now I usually go straight to coloring after finishing the line art, but I decided to try something different today and play with inking in this particular piece.  It’s a little liberating because I’ve always been afraid of using dark shadows or colors in my work, for fear that I might overdo things, but I usually end up with colors or shadows that are too close together and lack a sense of  “hardness” to them.  I like how this has turned out, and it was fun using the shadows to create texture as well, though I think I still need to work on that some.

If you look at the previous entry you might notice on the lower left corner there are squiggles that have magically disappeared.  I was thinking of drawing a buddhist lion statue there but ultimately decided it would be too distracting from the composition (aka I got lazy).

June 9, 2010

Gentleman Dinosaur

“Well really, to think that all dinosaurs are uncivilized beasts is rather insulting!  I think I shall have a spinach quiche on the way home from the play to soothe my bruised ego.” – Zola Cotta Rex, after being called a voracious, meat eating monster while having his customary afternoon tea.

While drawing “Man versus Rex” the words “gentleman dinosaur” kept repeating themselves in my head, with a vision of a dinosaur in a dandy’s outfit.  I decided to draw him to get him out of my system.  About 90  minutes or so in Photoshop.

Edited: Felt he deserved to be cleaned up proper, so spent 30 or so minutes polishing him up.

June 1, 2010

Man versus Rex WIP

I’ve been checking out a lot of art blogs lately, and this man’s take on the year he took his craft seriously really struck me.  One of the key points he stressed was that you always had to keep your blog active, because a blog that looks dead tells an art director that you’re not doing a lot of work (ie no one’s hiring you).  Now I try to update this blog at least once a week but I’ve never really been good at that, and oftentimes I’m working on things that I can’t really show off, so I never know what to post.  I’ve resolved (ha!) to change that however, and so I’m starting with this piece up here.

This started out as an entry to a Frank Frazetta tribute competition.  Whilst everyone was drawing Frank’s barbarians and buxom ladies, I thought I’d be clever and draw something based on his sci fi material.  Clever me forgot to read the instructions though, which stated specifically that this tribute would focus only on Frazetta’s more well known fantasy barbarian archetype.  Nevertheless I felt like I had a good thing going here, and it’s been a while since I’ve really fully gone and made a showcase artwork for my portfolio; something that shows my level of talent and the kind of direction I want to go in.  Mostly, this was because of fear.  Fr the past year or so I’ve been drilling myself into getting work and working on the basics of illustration instead of focusing on showy pieces that would only highlight my lack of skill.  I was always afraid of coming out a year later not having improved one bit.  Based on my previous work I’d have to say I’ve come pretty far, but it remains to be seen how this particular piece will ultimately turn out.

May 8, 2010

Rifleman Concept Art

Some concept art for an post apocalyptic tactical strategy game being made by one anomalous underdog.  He was asking for help on the IGDA boards so I decided to pitch in to help him out and get some more concept artwork in my portfolio.

The first concept, “Bedouin”, is very much inspired by mujahideen and other middle easter freedom fighters/terrorists.  Since these people are used to living in the desert and living off of what they can find, it made sense to use them as a starting point. It was also important to me that these designs had a “story”, and that each accessory they had on them made some sort of sense, so I added the canteen (for holding water), the compass (for finding their way in the desert, although true bedouins probably have a host of other natural ways to do this) and a metal cup (for use when canteen water runs out and he needs to extract water from his urine), as well as a knife.

The second concept is directly inspired by games like fallout 3, STALKER, and numerous post apocalyptic movies.  To heighten the idea that these were people living off of whatever they found, I intentionally used mismatched camouflage for the jacket and pants.  This wanderer also only managed to find one usable army boot, so he wears a sneaker on the other foot but ties up his leg for symmetry.  I’m actually sure what real advantages symmetry would give a post apocalyptic wanderer.  This rifleman also carries a pot and assorted survival and cooking equipment in his messenger bag.  I feel that just because you’re living in a pot apocalyptic wasteland, that shouldn’t stop you from from preparing an edible meal for you and your comrades.

March 27, 2010


It’s been a while since I’ve joined a mini-comp in gameartisans, and I’ve forgotten how refreshing it can be to work on something just for fun (and art nerd glory!) and not for a paycheck.  The brief for this competition was to design a robot made for hugging, which I stretched to “design robots that look so cute you want to hug them”.  Whatever, we’re artists right?  We can stretch the truth every now and again.  I was initially trying to design a robot that had a cuddly, bear-like look, which never really went anywhere.  My second design felt a little too Wall-E ish and so I abandoned that as well, but held on to the idea that i wanted to make a robot that didn’t look like it should be cute but was endearing nonetheless.  I then came across a bunch of robots on darkroastedblend (apologies but I can’t find the exact post) and hit on the idea of creating a bunch of minstrel bots ala the buskers and organ grinders (think  monkeys with hats) of the 19th century.   The above is the final product, and while I’m never satisfied with my work I do think it’s the best I’ve submitted to a mini-comp so far.  Here’s hoping I finally get a star (ie an award for 1st,2nd or 3rd place)!

January 24, 2010

Matches and Matrimony

I’ve been waiting a really long time to talk about Matches and Matrimony, but I didn’t have any idea when it was gonna come out.  Imagine my surprise then, when I did a google search for it and turned up the official website.  Not much info on it yet, but I take this as my cue that I’m free to talk about it now.   M&M is important to me for two reasons, the first of which is that in my short career as a freelance games artist, Reflexive Games is the the largest and most established company I’ve had the chance to work with.  Secondly, it was also my first time to work with  Russell Carroll, who was always excellent to work with and never shied away from giving positive or negative feedback.

My four months of working on the backgrounds for Matches and Matrimony taught me (finally!) how to use perspective, and gave an appreciation for how much our modern day furniture is inspired by the victorian era.  Of course by the end of 30 odd backgrounds I also started to really hate the Victorians and their need for overly elaborate and detailed furniture, but in the end it was a remarkable learning experience for me, and something I’ll always be proud off (even though at this point I cringe when I see the artwork).  It’s a really interesting game, and in the simplest terms I’d describe it as a time management game where you live the life of a Victorian woman and weave in and out of ballroom society looking for a “happily ever after” with the man of your dreams.  Yeah, I’d dig it too if I was a chick.

January 7, 2010


Just a quick plug for Mark Mengelt’s Relix, which I made the artwork for.  relix is one of those “easy to learn, hard to master” type of puzzle games where the object is to match all the tiles in a level.  I was responsible for all of the artwork here, from designing the look of the blocks to the title page and UI.  Mark’s an excellent guy to work with, and I certainly hope that the game does well so we can work together again in the future.  Get Relix now on the Appstore!

On a side note, from Mark’s experience in working with me, he happily referred me to his brother, who’s also making an iPhone game, making this the first time I’ve had brothers as clients.  Dennis’ game should be coming up soon, and I’ll be sure to post it here when it’s available.

January 6, 2010

A world takes shape

The fruition of the trees.  Man oh man do I love mapmaking.

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December 17, 2009


I’ve cooled down a little bit after my little Palit outburst and decided that the best antidote was to focus on work.  As such, I have a collection of trees for you. These are for a map where the player will move into lands that are of varying temperatures or degrees of decay. There’s still an egg theme behind this though, and so I’ve painted them all to still hold the shape of an egg, even the dead trees (The dead trees may need a bit of work though).

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December 16, 2009

Frobot Final

So a few months ago I submitted a design for the Palit Frobot contest.  Ondoy happened in between, and I never did manage to post my final design here.  In rush of work both paid and volunteer I’d forgotten to check on Palit’s website to see if they’d chosen the finalists, until today.  First off, let me inform the reader who does not have a close relationship with me that I’m not a proud man.  I know my artwork is not the best, and I have learned to deal with being average when it comes to many things.  But for fuck’s sake I know my entry is better than this, this and this.  This one wasn’t even a frog!  Palit, why do you bother writing down rules and regulations when you don’t even bother to enforce them?  Where is the environmental awareness through the use of a frog’s anatomy and green coloured elements as well as the  technological superiority using high-tech, industrial or futuristic design elements present in any of these images?  I wouldn’t be so mad if I hadn’t actually put time and effort into researching for this piece, only to be outdone by a 6 year old with his first bamboo™ tablet.

Update: Thanks to willie, I also found out that one of the designs was a blatant ripoff of a Tekken character.  I have notified Palit of this in a very petty email, which does not deserve to be reprinted.