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May 20, 2011

Isaac Clarke Colored

In a rare burst of creative energy I went ahead and colored yesterday’s Isaac Clarke drawing to give it the love it deserves.  Used a bunch of textures/filters and good old paintovers to pretty it up, but I think it was well worth the extra hour put into it.:)

October 26, 2010

Spacechem on Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Zach says it’s a little too early to be pimping, but I thought I’d give the game I’ve been working on for around 4 months a shoutout since it got talked about on Rock, Paper, Shotgun.  This is the first time anything I’ve ever worked on has received any notice from a well known press outlet, so I’m understandably excited.  Ultimately the game’s getting press because of Zach’s vision, but I’d like to think my artwork helped it along some.


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