Ondoy Donations : Thanks, Filmspotting!


So one of the more creative things I tried to do to gather up donations for Ondoy victims was to email all the podcasts I listen to and basically beg them for donations.  Of all the podcasts I mailed only one of them replied: Filmspotting.  At about 52 minutes in I was already losing hope that they’d mention my email but they actually had a short segment where they talked about my request, something that really blew me away.  I have no idea if their call for donations actually amounted to anything, but the fact that they were willing to spend some air time to talk aboutmy email really speaks highly of them.

Run by Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinson (and formerly Sam Van Hallgren), Filmspotting has been on my podcasting radar for nearly 3 years now, and it continues to be my favorite film podcast.  Aside from helping me understand why I love the movies that I love Filmspotting’s also responsible for such quotable quotes as “I hear what you’re saying, but you’re absolutely wrong” and “That movie made me so angry I wanted to punch it in the face!” So If  you’re a fan of movies and like to dig alittle deeper into what makes a good film (at least from a viewer’s perspective), please do yourself a favor head on over to filmspotting or download their podcast on iTunes or the Zune music store, maybe even shoot them an email thanking them as well.


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